What is Skilled Nursing?

Life can take you along an unknown path. Sometimes a few days in the hospital isn’t enough time for your body to fully recover, and you need more time in rehabilitation before you can return home.  That’s where our skilled nursing services come in.  We offer a staff of highly trained nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and social workers who are the leaders in their field.  Our staff will assist you throughout every step of your journey, helping you get back to full health while providing quality medical attention and attentive support.  We teach you how to effectively care for yourself or for a loved one. Our goal is to help reduce the likelihood of re-admission to the hospital. Whether a patient is recovering from a recent fall, a joint replacement, or suffers from an acute, chronic or exacerbated condition – our facilities have all the necessary resources under one roof to help ensure the best possible outcome